The subject of my work is women.

I paint their lives, their love, and their desires.
The main character in my painting, Candy Girl, is a woman who leads society bright and healthy with
her own individuality and free thinking.
I express the moments of their happy faces and free looks by combining them with the trendy fashion
I sincerely hope Candy Girls are happy.
Candy girls bring back my dreams in my twenties and make my hardened heart beat again.
This is why I draw them.
Heroes is a picture of the reality of my country and a world without violence.
It is a symbol of the peaceful collapse of the Military Demarcation Line by affecting the youth of North
Korea as well as the free thinking, culture and dream of the future of youth.


Solo Exhibition – 21th

2020, 2015. Project ARTspace (Madison Ave. New York)
2019 Venice Biennale Project (Venice)
Art Fair (Solo Exhibition)
UAE-KAF (Dubai World Trade Center)
Europ 'Art Geneva (Switzerland)
Art seoul (Seoul Art Center)
Shanghai Art Fair (Shanghai, China)



Group Exhibition 2020

2020 PLAS (Coex, Seoul)
2019, 2018. Scope Miami Beach (Miami,USA)
Affordable Art Fair (Convention Center, Hong Kong)
Korea _ Japen Art Exchange Exhibition (Gallery Pousse, Japen)
Freedom-Now&Future (Fukuoka asian art Museum, Japen)
Korea & China Art Fair (Luxin Art Center, China)
L' IMPRESSION DE LUMIERE (Cite International Des Arts, Paris)
Other Exhibition many times…

Studio add: #201. 92-20. Yeonhui-2Dong Seodaemun-Gu Seoul Korea

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