Untitle/Acrylic on Canvas



Title :A girl in a blue dress

Acrylic on Canvas



Untitled /Acrylic on Convas



Title:Harmoney /223/143




1- The flowing and complicated world that I can imagine is subset of these kinds of worlds that are floating in this world and are in connection with creatures with same kind. These kinds of creatures are different from vital creatures and they are part and shadows of us that are living in other life. We by birth will enter to this world and by death will exit form it, but we do not enter in these flowing worlds without existence of writing or drawing. The music player will play the song which he hears. The painter will paint the world which he sees. The difference between me and other humans is that we can enter to this flowing world up to extent of my works. The reason of using the word difference is that I believe in difference more than similarity among humans. In fact human have difference that this part of each human will make talent, by developing this part human will be genius. (of course the conception of genius must be defined). A genius person is the most usual and ordinary kind of human and other human will recognize him as genius and ignore themselves. There will be some time that this theory will be proofed among humans that in that time we are so busy with developing our talents which we would not have any time to admire humans which we call them genius. I believe that this is duty of each human that by saying our differences and regarding ourselves as exclusive person would give courage to each other to accept our difference simultaneously with principle of similarity. When a person will extract his similarities and differences form concept of human as its absolute thing will reach to



2- Each face is regarded as separate drawing for me. While working I do not pay attention that this is face. As I behave with total work I also work on them and will play with their forms. The other issue is negative atmosphere in my work that rarely I could use flat plane as negative atmosphere. The negative atmosphere as a different atmosphere will be present in my work. For example a negative atmosphere for a face can be atmosphere of next face and sometimes will consist of cloths or gap between negative atmosphere’s figures.


3- The plan making in renaissance period was based on perspective and it is not seen in these works, the plan is very special and is not ordinary. The deep & conceptual dependency to figures which is revealed in works is in contradiction with text of (ABESTEREH). With repeating faces that are presented compressively next together and accumulating design that are presented by excuse of cloths we would reach to a complete abstract text. The designed planes will be created by forms and because of need to picture and because of connecting to faces and completing their personality they will be regarded as member of picture face. At a point of time we would see an (ABSTERE) plane but by sings of realism suddenly we would discern a face and again with rhythmic designed planes would return to abstract plane.


4- The cloths are as important as faces. The rhythm of work will move with different levels because portraits are drawn so that if we would not have similarity seeking point of view it would be completely abstract. The cloths in my works are presented as an attempt for watching form with familiar intermediation and continuing personification of faces and just in very special cases it is not have any particular covering. The works have been formed form duality sets; one of these dualities is choosing vast dimensions that are grounds for mentioning details and small planes.   

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