I was born in 1983 in Tehran. I studied graphics at the conservatory and painting at the university. My attention to painting is seriously related to the university course, it was during that period that I was trained by Mr. Nusratullah Muslimian and Mr. Mohsen Sadeghian. After university, I spent some time teaching and entered the field of clothing design and sewing, and approached design photography and digital art. I’m currently at a time when I want to produce a new artistic movement by combining everything I have learned.

Solo Exhibition:

2004 – Elahe Gallery – Tehran, Iran


Group Exhibitions: 

2023 -Kuvik Gallery


2022 -Contemporary Art Gallery Online  

2022-The Holy Art -Greece

2022-MİİT Museum -Italia

2022-FIMAC 22 -Italia

2022-Palazzo Bonin Longare Vicenza – MİİT Museum -Italıa

2022 – International Studio of Art and Galleries – Dubai, UAE

2020-Luna Gallery -Turkey

2016 – Shahrava Gallery – Tehran, Iran

2015 – Sobhan Gallery – Tehran, Iran

2004 – Honar Gallery – Tehran, Iran



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