Yesterday, Saturday.  I woke up early and organized some documents.

Afterwards, I decided to watch a documentary and take a long nap.  I slept until nearly 3 o’clock in the afternoon, and then I woke up to organize some translation drafts. They were sent by Mr. Alain Kuropatwa from France.  They were early works of “Picasso, Dwarf dancer” by Picasso and included authentication and explanatory documents in English and French.  Wow!  Fortunately, I have AI, so my research can be more accurate and detailed.  After I finish writing the first two pieces, “ When a women falls in love” and “The dancing actress Tao Hui,” I will write about Picasso’s “Picasso, Dwarf dancerNana“…

Funny thing is, all of these are related to dance, haha~

(Actually, I don’t know if I can write it well.  I briefly skimmed through it, and it seems to be a combination of primary literature and archaeological texts.  We’ll see… fun to learn anyway, then see how to share….)

At 4:00pm, Mr. and Mrs. Huang (Lv Xin) came to pick me up.  Our movie squad was going to watch “Mission: Impossible 7”.  Before watching the movie, we had a long-awaited barbecue.  (On Saturdays, I don’t exercise, so I can indulge a bit.)

The food was greasy, and I couldn’t digest it after watching the movie.  On my way home, I called Meng Yuan to ask her how to do a light fasting, considering my situation of overeating…

Meng Yuan asked in great detail, whether I had eaten meat, whether I had consumed carbohydrates, and how to resolve it…

Before hanging up the phone, I decided to start a four-month nutrition plan with her.  I don’t care about the specific plan, Meng Yuan has been effective for a long time, and she also obtained a nutritionist certification, so let’s just go with it.  I really don’t feel like analyzing it anymore.

I said to Lv Xin, “If it works for me, you should join in me too.  And also continue fallowing me to the GYM. Even if you just lie down at the Yoga Room.”

At the same time, I asked Lingxia and my little boyfriend (Her son) in Paris about their plans to return to China.  Are their visas and plane tickets going well?

They are boarding the plane and should be arriving in Beijing soon.

What I mean is, after Lingxia arrives in Beijing, she should take a break and adjust to the time difference.  There will definitely be a bunch of people wanting to see her and entertain her at city.  After she’s done with all that, I’ll have Sandy pick her up and bring her to my studio.  We can focus on training her in the basics of shooting, production, and publishing for new media matters.  By the time she returns to France, she’ll be able to handle it on her own.

Relying on other people is really frustrating and passive.

Lingxia has a great French team for shooting, but there are some technical aspects that need to be systematically taught to her.  Sandy Xu is already a master now, so it’s convenient for me.  I can even treat them to some crayfish with my own recipes.

She said, “You always treat me the best!”

I said, “Everyone treats you greatly.  I’m just a workaholic who only understands what you and I want, in our heart.”

Everyone has their own role to play!

When we watched a movie yesterday at the cinema, the three of us were shivering from the cold. Lv Xin complained a few times, and then both of us held onto our arms tightly. She went outside and found three blankets for us. “Smart” as I and Mr. Huang are, we never thought of it before.

We always “looked down” on Lv Xin and thought she had no survival skills.  We even mark her “useless like a scholar.”  But unexpectedly, she, who loves to enjoy life, went out directly to find blankets.  This makes sense.  After that, the three of us watched the movie happily and warmly.

While at early dinner, I said to her, “Hey? How come you become so silly and dumb when you’re with your husband?! But when you’re with me, you become my buddy, a big sister, and a smartypants.” 

See, we all understand….. sometime no need being smart…

Her husband laughed heartily after hearing that.

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