Prajna Yun (YUN, MI-GYOUNG, 尹美敬, )

Life is ‘staying in the PRESENT BEING ‘. My ink painting art is also ‘staying in the PRESENT BEING’. I, who came from the distant past, stays in this present moment and sings eternal eternity. Now here (只 今 ), m y whole being stays in my breath. The present m om ent is the presence of being. There is only “here and now” in our lives. Just as a poet exists as a lonely language of poetry and a m usician as a m ysterious trembling string, I exist as a single line and dot with eternity in m y painting. Flowers of an unknown image that bloom endlessly in the presence of dots and lines call forth another existence. I am willing to be present in a restless journey along the path of lines and dots. This is the ultimate point of my art work. The subtle world of black embraces all the vastness of this world and also implies a deeper and invisible world through abstraction and metaphor of the whole existence. The beauty of lines toward eternity gives birth to a new unknown life. The moment I enter ‘Zen( 禪 )’, my existence quietly dwells in the deep solitude in the black ink’s Zen(禪).

1991 Gong-Ju National University, Department of Art education, B.A. in Art Education 1997 Chung-Nam National University Graduate School, Graduate School of Art 2017 Educationn, M.F.A. in Art Education Pen State University, Art Education in GSAE & ISAP












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