Born in Seoul, artist Jieun Kim attended Hongik University with both an undergraduate
and graduate degree in Fine Arts and traditional Korean painting. She then taught as a
professor at the design department of Busan Institute of Science and Technology. She
concurrently pursued a career as an artist and a professor but now has decided to focus
solely on working on her art. She has had 10 solo exhibitions and numerous group
exhibitions and plans to continue sharing her work.



“Creating artworks sustains my humble life as it goes through the
pain of the five senses clashing daily, and it itself is the
communication both directly and indirectly with other individuals.
It is the “training process of finding clues to the irony and hope of life”
from experiencing both deficiency and healing through relationships.
I find words hidden deep in my mind by working on paintings, and
shaping my inner being into forms is fascinating to me; This process is
similar to how we begin and build relationships with others or oneself
in life.”






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