Academic and Major Career

• Graduated from the Department of Korean Painting at Chung-Ang University of Arts
• The Art Student Leaguer of New York Printed and Mixed Media, Painting Mathematics


Group Exhibition

• The 2005 exhibition of Korean creative painting exhibition
• 2005 Hyundai Department Store Gallery (Mia branch) in CrockyGroup Exhibition
•2006 Hyundai Department Store Gallery (Mia branch) in CrockyGroup Exhibition
•2006 International CheonggyeDong Art Exhibition
•Seoul Museum of Art in Insa-dong, 2009 Invitational Exhibition of Promising Artists
•Sangam-dong dmcPublic Relations Hall before the 2012 Treasure Hunt
•2014 New York Gallery
•2015 Korean Painting Women’s Writers’ Association 16th Regular Exhibition ChosunIlboMuseum
•AK Gallery, 2016 AekyungCrop Competition
•The Temptation of Korean Painting in 2016 Emu Gallery
•2016 Korean Painting Women’s Writers’ Association 17th Regular Exhibition ChosunIlboMuseum
•2017 Edge KoreanizationArt Gangnam Gallery And Company
•2017 Korean Painting Women’s Writers’ Association 18th Regular Exhibition ChosunIlboMuseum
•2019 Korean Painting Women’s Artists Association 20th Regular Exhibition Sejong Center Art Museum
•2019 Busan Art Festival Busan Cultural Center Daejeon City Hall (10.28-11.2)
•21st Century Alumni Exhibition (9.18-28)


•2006 China International Art Festival China Hash International Exhibition Center
•Art Cube Exhibition, Art Cube Exhibition, Painting Exhibition, and Korean Traditional Art Museum
•Art-Gyub-Jeon MinhwaExhibition Hall of the Korean Culture and Naturalization Exhibition in 2018
•2018 HEART Art Fair Gangnam ImperrierHotel
•2018 ManifInternational Art Fair Arts Center


Solo Exhibition

•The First Solo Exhibition Hyundai Department Store Gallery (Mia branch)
•The Second Solo Exhibition The Electronic Avenue Gallery Canada Vancouver
•The Third Solo Exhibition CentrespaceGallery England Bristol
•The Fourth Solo Exhibition Highland Gallery
•The Fifth Solo Exhibition HomeplusGallery (Jamsilbranch)
•The SixthSoloExhibitionSejong Center for the Performing Arts Museum
•The Seventh Solo Exhibition GwanghwamunRang (organized by Sejong Center for the Performing Arts)
•The Eighth Solo Exhibition GwanghwamunRang (organized by Sejong Center for the Performing Arts)
•The nineth Solo Exhibition “HangungGil Gallery (Suwon Cultural Foundation)
•TheTenth Solo Exhibition K&P Gallery, USA, New York
•The Eleventh Solo Exhibition GwanghwamunRang (organized by Sejong Center for the Performing Arts)
•The TwelvethSolo Exhibition GanaInsaArt Center (Director of Busan Art Association)
•The Thirteenth Solo Exhibition HaenggungGil Gallery (Suwon Cultural Foundation)
•The Fourteenth Solo Exhibition Centrepace(British, Bristol)
•The Fifteenth Solo Exhibition GanaInsaArt Center

prize-winning career

•1997 Korean Literary Arts Research Association
•2005 entry into the National Veterans Culture and Arts Association
•2005 SinsaimdangArt Exhibition
•2016 AekyungCompetition
•a place of collection
•personal director of bristol, british
•NurianInternational Co., Ltd.

Explanation of the work

“T R A C E”


My works title “TRACE” talks about my feelings.

The imagery symbolically expresses the landscape of experience, or the image of things. To erase and stack the traces of empirical memory, it is a work that embodies the repetitive performance of the process of collecting and tearing white sprouts on the bunchae-painted hanji. As Buckley said in empirical theory, only objects from his own experience have the meaning of the essence, and only a few meaningful traces remain in our current minds.

Trace is a non-conceptual work that projects each visual empirical feeling regardless of the author’s empirical feelings, giving the viewer the freedom to imagine freely.Instead of painting, white color is expressed as pure dakjipaper, and it is used to make the best of hanji, tear it, and wrinkle it, and traditional Korean food is used mainly for the natural color of the color.

The representative element of Korean emotion is the color of our nature by light. Each country has a different color representation of light. This is because the sun’s light shining on nature is different. I could see from their works of art and travel that it was also the sentiment of each country.

I work through research on colors and various materials that can capture the most Korean emotions, that is, my emotions.

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